About Us

Considering your health, Sidra is proud to offer you quality service with its natural products. Re-update the information you have about us. We are here to conquer your hearts with brand new, high quality and completely natural products.

Our Herbal Pastes

As countless products that threaten people’s health continue to be launched on the market, we provide you with a safe address. The herbal pastes we have provide strength and strength to people’s bodies and protect them from many diseases. Our natural paste types that will be consumed by those who care about their health have been prepared in the best way for you; Because your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

Our Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oils started to take their place among the highly preferred products. We aim to support your health by preparing the most reliable vegetable oils for you. Vegetable oils are used for body health as well as for skin care and for the treatment of various diseases. The most important feature sought in natural vegetable oils obtained from plant extracts is its naturalness. Choose Sidra for natural and quality products.

Our Natural Care Products

The damage caused by the chemical substances in the products used today is clearly seen. Whether it is cold weather, pollen or wind in contact with the skin, it irritates the skin and requires care. Keeping ourselves away from chemicals is now possible with Sidra’s natural personal care products.


Our Herbal Food Supplements

Nowadays, when a thousand kinds of products are on the market, it is difficult to reach safe products. We have produced safe and high quality food supplements, and we continue to produce in line with your demands. The food supplement that we obtain from royal jelly, which is a very valuable product, is a product with a very high nutritional value. The food supplements we create with royal jelly, pollen and honey mixtures will both strengthen you and protect your health.

Our Herbal Teas

If you want to feel the taste of nature on your palate while protecting your health, choosing natural teas is ideal for you.

Some of these are those:

  • Milk Thistle Tea
  • Hawthorn Fruit Tea
  • Pyrenean Slimming Tea
  • Cinnamon Tea
  • Chamomile Tea
  • Centaury Tea

Celery Seed Tea and Eucalyptus Tea, which is a remedy for many troubles, are among the natural herbal teas we have.

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